In an earth quake in 2014 this road slid down the steep hillside. It started with saltpetre which came to an abrupt end at the beginning of the 20th century when the synthetic production of nitrates was invented. Our ultimate street art gallery from Colombia with photos taken in Medellin and Cartagena. Iquique sits right on the Pacific coast, and is known for the surf, paragliding, bodyboarding, and its laid back atmosphere. In 2015 and 2016 it underwent extensive renovations, hence our photo is from 2008. The mainland coast of Greece has many picturesque towns you should visit by car or motorhome. Meet Yasha and Juergen. This museum is owned and operated by the University of Tarapaca. It has fascinating landscapes that contain a mixture of sand and lava and salt lakes. OUR PROMISE: we will keep your address private and won't spam you either!]. *)required field [We will use your email address only to send our email newsletter and nothing else. Coincidentally, we arrived on the evening of November 19, 2016. This northern Chilean town is the second oldest in the nation. About 70Km after the Humberstone site we started to see some green ahead. We drove a few kilometres off the highway to the site, looking for an to overnight parking place. If you are up for an adventure there are many ruins out in the desert, as well as natural hot springs. 8 Incredible Places to Visit in Chile For Your Next Adventure. 25. Must visit Chile sometime. Last updated on 29th April 2020 - This article may contain affiliate links. CNN Travel unveils 20 of the best places to visit in 2020, including a hidden gem in the Caribbean, a remote island off the coast of Africa and a German town with the coolest trains. We drive and live in our self-built overland camper, called ["Berta"] "Bertita" (little Berta since 2018 in Europe). Some of the caves have new stairs leading into them. Lakes filled with Flamingos, fields filled with wild llama and emu, and mountains that reveal a spectacular contrast between snow capped and marble sand. This site, of course, portrays everything from the view of the victorious Chilean side. Spots like the Elqui Valley make the best places to catch a glimpse of the glittering night skies. Chile Travel Guide: 10 Best Places to Visit in Chile List of Best Places to Visit in Chile: 1. This site remembers a famous battle of the War of the Pacific (1879 to 1883), involving Chile, Peru and Bolivia, on November 19, 1879. Another example is the area around Santiago, which we described here, Your email address will not be published. Juergen. Glad you’re inspired. Visit top-rated & must-see attractions. The Chinchorro culture had used the Anzota caves for living space and some of the mummies were found in them. The few hotel and restaurant listings are in a separate section. Northern Chile’s clear skies, along with the high-altitude vantage points provided by the Atacama Desert, have made the country a popular star-gazing spot. Superlatives to discover in Sussex: the largest Roman-style Villa in Great Britain with the oldest collection of mosaics and the first formal Roman garden. 30 stunning murals, from nearly monochrome to really colourful. One of the most amazing experiences in Iquique is to be had just driving into the city from Ruta 5. Some of the Chinchorro mummies – you don’t get to see much more. Lluta River Wetlands in Arica: Pelicans as far as one can see. It took us over 4 hours, mostly standing in line – in the sun and heat. Chile is among South America's underrated destinations. It all looks like this was later the site of another saltpeter mining enterprise. The northern port town of Arica benefits from year-round sunshine and a relaxed pace of life that befits its seaside setting and contributes to its name as the ‘City of Eternal Spring.’ Locals and visitors mill around its center in flip-flops before heading on foot to the various surrounding beaches for surf and sunbathing. Travel north-west for 300 miles (485 km) and arrive at the coastal city of Iquique – another hot destination for every northern Chile itinerary. These resources are now being used for beautifying the city, conserving local heritage, and generally making their city a tourist destination of some note. We found it a pleasant city to just wander through, finding interesting things to see along the way. 10 Best Places to Visit in Chile 1) San Pedro de Atacama – Atacama Desert. Chile, as almost all of South America, is still very much an undiscovered country with many attractive destinations. One of the most extraordinary places on the planet, this vast desert is home to a marvelously unique landscape teeming with life. Drive up the side of a sand dune, from sea level to over 500 metres above. All this information would make a good blog post itself. Right next to this reserve we found the Memorial to the Batalla de Dolores o San Francisco – the battle of Dolores or San Francisco. The Azapa Valley is a surprising oasis of green in the apparantly inhospitable Atacama Desert. The ‘El Morro’ rock sits right in the centre of Arica – next to the plaza and opposite the harbour. All books are well organised and informative, with attractive photos and plans. While this doesn’t sound that tempting at first, I was personally taken aback by the beauty of this region. On our Facebook Page you can also keep up with where we are and see the latest photos from our journey. Do not copy parts of this website without our written permission! When we left Iquique I found that driving up was nowhere near as frightening as the drive down had been. From here, the night skies are absolutely full of stars that the effect is both eye-widening and jaw-dropping. The trees are an endangered species indigenous to the area – prosopis tamarugo. Many were built in the years of the saltpeter boom. With... San Pedro de Atacama. Here is a look at some of the best places to visit in Chile: 10. Places to visit in Chile Discover our guide to the most exciting, memorable and inspiring places to visit.
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