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What is skip tracing?

What is skip tracing?

Skip tracing is the art of locating people, most commonly used in the debt collection industry. A skip tracer will conduct searches for a customer that owes money and has left without updating the lender or person they owe money to with their new details. This person is labelled a “Skip”. Skip tracers will use databases, Social media and other online tools to help them find information on a customer.

They will also make phone calls to obtain further information from family and friends of the customer. Not all skip tracing is conducted online, there are many ways a skip tracer can obtain information.

What is Deep skip tracing?

Deep skip tracing is just real skip tracing. In modern times Skip tracers have been getting lazy and only do very basic checks online. There a many skip tracers out there who only do very quick checks on a database to try and find someone.

This is where the term “Deep” skip tracing comes in and it is a spin-off on the term “Deep web”. A real skip tracer will (in terms of Deep skip tracing) will conduct surveillance.

This could include following a customer from a work place to home so they can confirm the customer’s residential address. They could also co through a customer’s rubbish bin to try and find evidence or documentation that will help them solve the case. Not all skip tracing is just locating customer that owe money (also referred to as debtors).

Skip tracing also work missing person cases, locate fugitives for bond money, background checks and just about anything that involved obtaining information on a person. A lot of skip tracers are licenced Private Investigators as some cases require them to hold a Private investigator license however in most countries a skip tracer who is only locating customers isn’t required to be licensed.

Pretexting is another way skip tracers can obtain information. A pretext is contacting a person using a false identity to obtain the customers current details. A pretext could be as simple as calling the customer directly and asking them about a car the customer is selling and asking if they can look at it (assuming the customer is advertising a car for sale).

There are many different types of pretexts skip tracers use and in many cases a skip tracer will try to contact the customer using a pretext to get the information directly from them.

February 17, 2015

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